Thud is a Mega Machine who debuted in Mega Machines The Movie. He was owned by Conrad and now lives in Spring City with the rest of Bob's Machines.




  • Keep out of my way!
  • Why don't you go and find a sandpit (sandbox in the US) to play in?!
  • You and the other tiny toys!
  • Just get back to work, OK?!
  • Yeah, we can be friends!
  • Congratulations on having a useless friend! Hahahahahahaha!
  • I just DID!
  • But Conrad, the dam! They need our help!
  • Is this true, little man?
  • Oh no, that's not what he said at all!
  • Hahahahahahaha! Ooooh! I'm scared! Hahahahahahaha!
  • You know what, Conrad? You're nothing but a bully!
  • Eh? No-no I don' I?
  • Huh? What do you mean exactly?
  • I didn't realise that!
  • Uh...not very nice. You were right. I-I'm sorry, Muck! We've been really mean to you! And we're all part of the same team!
  • Hey, what's the hold up on there? Crunch, can you see anything?
  • There's a what in the middle of the road?! Crunch, sometimes I just think I make things up.

Voice Actors

  • Dustin Demri Burns (UK)
  • Brian Dobson (US)


  • He has the same role like Spencer from Thomas and friends.
  • Thud looks like Rubble from Ready, Steady, Build!, since they are both dump trucks.
  • He was being controlled by Conrad.
  • In the UK dub, Thud speaks with a heavy Scottish accent but in the US dub he speaks a eastern Bronx accent.