The Bob the Builder 2015 CGI Series Wikia is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, but there are some rules to make sure this is a happy and fun place.

Regular Wikia Rules

  1. No spamming pages with useless information (i.e AAAAAAAA, I love Scoop because he is cool)
  2. Please refrain from using text language (i.e. LOL, BC, 2 cool 4 u)
  3. Do not argue with admins after recieving a warning.

Image Rules

  1. Do not upload the same images that have already been uploaded.
  2. Only upload images relating to the Bob the Builder 2015 CGI Reboot series. Do not upload any other images (i.e Thomas the Tank Engine, HiT Entertainment, etc)
  3. When uploading images, please don't give the image an unrelated name.

Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning. If the warning is ignored and this continues, you will be blocked.