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Lofty is a nervous mobile crane with a vivid imagination and a bit of a worrisome nature, so he tends to question some of the more extravagant ideas the team come up with. He has a keen eye for building and is often finding solutions to problems, although he tends to be shy in coming forward.


  • TBA


  • In the new series, he speaks with a Cornish or Irish accent (UK dub).
  • In the original show, he hasn't got a silver stripe over his grille.
  • His UK voice is almost the same as Duck's from Thomas & Friends (also a Mattel show), who is also voiced by Steven Kynman.
  • According to a YouTuber called James A Williams, he states that Lofty is no longer cowardly, has become completely sarcastic, cynical, intelligent, isn't scared of anything anymore, and does not even say "Er" or "Uh" before his words like "Yeah, I think so" anymore somehow. He still retains a nervous nature.

Voice Actor

  • Richard Ian Cox (US)
  • Steven Kynman (UK)
  • Nam Doh-hyeong (Korean)
  • Nisso Shalev (Hebrew)
  • Kōichi Yamadera (Japanese)


  • "It's a good job done." (UK)
  • "It's a job well done." (US)
  • "Hey, Tiny! Um, want to play a game of I Spy?"
  • "Highest........crane.......ever!"
  • "It was worth waiting for."
  • "He's yellow, he's strong, but his light's gone wrong! Ho ho ha ha!"
  • "Now just a minute you two!"
  • "You can't say that!"
  • "That is enough! And it's Lofty, okay?! I'll show both of you! Come on! You think you're so big and... mega? And erm..."
  • "You two are nothing but bullies!"
  • "Ohhh."
  • "Hi Muck. We were just talking about you."
  • "Hang on a minute Muck! You speak to Muck the way Conrad speaks to you."
  • "And how does Conrad make you feel?"
  • "At least it wasn't one of us this time Bob."
  • "Oh, so you're talking to us now are you?!"
  • "And?"
  • "How sorry?"