Kitchen Whiz is the third episode of the Bob the Builder 2015 series.


Bob is making sardine sandwiches in his kitchen. he accidentally gets mayonnaise on his vest and while he wipes it off. Pilchard jumps in his bag where he put the sandwiches and Bob doesn't know. The team were finishing the new restaurant The Flying Saucepan. Bob was finishing the kitchen while Leo, Lofty, Scoop and Muck were finish the outside while Wendy wires the floor. Bob tells Wendy and Leo they get sardine sandwiches just as Chef Tattie arrives with three boxes of tomatoes and aubergines for the opening. During construction, Pilchard jumps in the green paint and makes footprints. Leo describes aliens to Lofty, Scoop and Muck and before he says what they eat for breakfast, a text on his phone appears which says it's lunch. He goes to the top of the restaurant. Muck finds footprints and he, Scoop and Lofty follow them and bump into each other when Mucks stops at a rock. They all argue and they don't see Pilchard go in the lift. Meanwhile Wendy shows Chef Tattie the remote the control the spinning. Bob opens his bag and finds crumbs. Tattie shows him how to cook a omelette. Bob isn't good and Wendy and Leo find it yucky. Pilchard arrives and sits on the remote which Wendy put on a box. Bob tries to tell him to get off but he wouldn't until Bob finds a sardine sandwich and stops the spinning which makes a mess. That evening, Leo comes down the life with Pilchard and Muck finds out that the alien was Pilchard. Mayor Madison and Mr Bentley arrive to the grand opening. Bob and Wendy stay to have dinner and the episode ends with a UFO flying next to the restaurant and it exits.




  • Lee Ingleby as Bob
  • Joanne Froggatt as Wendy
  • Jacob Scipio as Leo
  • Blake Harrison as Scoop
  • Paul Panting as Muck
  • Steven Kynman as Lofty
  • Iain Lauchlan as Chef Tattie


  • Colin Murdock as Bob
  • Joanne Froggatt as Wendy
  • Dan Bacon as Leo
  • Blake Harrison as Scoop
  • Vincent Tong as Muck
  • Richard Ian Cox as Lofty
  • Iain Lauchlan as Chef Tattie