Conrad is the main antagonist in Bob The Builder Mega Machines The Movie. He used to own Thud, Crunch, and Ace; the Mega Machines. After helping Bob and co. clear a quarry, he realizes he lost out on the dam-building contract to Bob and plans to get revenge. One day, he was up to no good, trying to get rid of Bob, suddenly after Spring City was saved, everyone was angry with Conrad for doing something wrong, after that he got fired from being a builder, and got to work doing other jobs. When he slipped on the fish, he fell into the penguins' lake at the zoo, then he died. Now he owns none of the machines, because Ace, Crunch, and Thud are owned by Bob.



  • TBA

Voice Actor

  • Brian Cox (UK/US)
  • Choi Han (Korean)
  • Masahi Ebara (Japanese)


  • "Yes! Conrad's back in the game!"
  • "Good to see you again Bob."
  • "Hello everyone!"
  • "Helpful is my middle name!"
  • "I don't think so!"
  • "Well now, It's payback time, My friend. What i want you to do, Is this."
  • "Sure i'm sure unless you count the good name of Bob The Builder. Hahaha! Just think about it Ace, If you don't do what i ask, it's bye bye job, Hello scrap heap. Again!"
  • "Go on! One scoop of water, Five of sand."
  • "Yes you will!"
  • "Do you know what happens to machines on the scrap heap Ace? They get broken up, And crushed!"
  • "Just do it!"
  • "Bob let me explain."
  • "Out of my way you two!"
  • "I hope that means, I'm sorry Conrad."
  • "Stay back you two! Without me, You'll be back on the scrap heap!"
  • "Concrete Mixers hey? Well, Well. That is an important job."
  • "And when it's time to build the new dam, Who do you think they're gonna call? The number 1 builder in Spring City, Conrad The Contractor!"
  • "And then, we can rebuild that too."
  • "Where do you think you're going Ace?"
  • "Great work guys, what a team! Oh Scoop, I just remembered. I think Bob wants a word with you."
  • "And Ace."
  • "Remember how i saved you when you were thrown off the TV show?"
  • "Hey! What are you two hunks of rust doing? Get to work, Before i send you back to the scrap heap!"(First Evil Words)